Module 7
Module 7 Test Review/Notes
Module 7 Test Items
Cavalieri's Principle Reading
Cavalieri's Principle Video
Walk-through of the proof of the Inscribed Angle Theorem
Volume Relationship (cones, cylinders, and cubes)  - Try problems B4-B8
Circles Problems with Angles
Vocabulary Help
Arc Measure Help
Sector and Segment Help
Inscribed Angle Application Help
Angle Relationships in Circles Help
Chord and Secant Relationship Help
Equations of Circles Help
Proving All Circles are Similar
Khan Academy Practice

Module 3:
Flashcards for Vocab (click on flashcard mode)
Triangle Sum Theorem
Euclid's Elements
Algebraic Proofs
Geometric Proof Practice
Ways to Say "If p, then q"
Necessity vs Sufficiency
Truth Table Basics (power point notes download)
More Truth Table Help
Laws of Deductive Reasoning

Module 2:
Construction Instructions
Animated Video of Constructions
Khan Academy Constructions
Geogebra Tasks

Module 1:
Diagonals of Polygons (Interactive!)

Module 9:
Module 9.6 Desmos
Module 9.6 Data

Module 9.5 Data
Random Number Generator (great for finding lots of random numbers)
Data Help
Shmoop - lessons, videos, and practice

Module 9A:
Test Items Document

Basic Probability Walkthrough
Independence (lesson and examples)
Independence (video)
Multiplication Rule/Conditional Probability (lesson and examples)
Addition Rules (lesson and examples)

Khan Academy Practice - Whole Module Outline
Khan Academy Practice - Conditional Probability

Just for Fun
Paper Folding

Previous Year's Resources

Module 8
Test Review:
Solids of Revolution Article
Solids of Revolution Practice
More Solids of Revolution Practice
Cross Sections Article
Cross Sections Practice
More Cross Sections Practice

Law of Sines Article
Law of Cosines Article
Prove Law of Sines
Prove Law of Cosines
Extra Practice - Law of Sines and Cosines
Law of Sines and Cosines Guided Help

Other Items:
Heron's Formula
Law of Cosines Justification
Law of Tangents (just for fun)
Cross Section Simulator
Revolution Simulator
Frustum Volume Derivation
Cross Section Applet
Guided Cross Sections of a Cube
Cross Section Video
Geogebra - Manipulate Prism into 3 Pyramids
Nets with Scale Factors
Visual to show why three pyramids form a cube
Animation of Cavalieri's Principle


Basic Geometry Help:
Geometric Definitions
Euclid's Elements
Geometry Flashcards
Euclid Video
Useful Postulates and Theorems

Old Stuff:
Challenging Probability Problems
Review Video
Venn Diagram Video
Tree Diagram Review
Conditional Probability Review
Recursive Function Practice
Recursive Sequences
Quadratics Practice
Projectile Motion Problem Solving
Projectile Motion Info/Reading
Projectile Motion Problems/Practice


Rubber Band Stretcher

Semi-regular Tessellation Information